The New American Dream: Holding me back!

You have to graduate high school so you can go to college. In college major in something that will get you a good paying job. You have to be prepared to work for around 30 years so that you can collect a retirement pension and live the rest of your life out playing tennis and golf. When most of us hear this, we may think it is a little extreme, but everyone has their own version of this. Society tells us that we should live life this way. We’re living life in fear. We choose to live average lives so that we can be on the safe side, but we miss out on all the opportunities we are afforded because we are scared to take risk.

A teacher and I were recently discussing the pressure I was feeling and why I was so passionate about what I want to do. She told me that we are supposed to get married, have a family, and die; that is just the cycle of life. I looked at her as though she had just punched me in the face. Maybe it wasn’t that serious, but I couldn’t believe what I had heard. I then said, “What do you mean by that”. I knew what I heard, but I was hoping that some part of me heard something wrong. She then said repeated that statement. I said, “Is there a reason that you think like that?” She said, “I just believe that because I see that and it’s the cycle of life; that’s what people do.” I looked and I said, “I respect your views on life, but I do not plan on living my life that way”. Can you imagine if everyone thought like that?

I looked at her and I said think about this. I am going to name a few people; you are going to tell me where this country and even this world would be without these individuals. Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr, Wright Brothers, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama… Should I keep going? “Okay, so!” These are people who changed the course of history! All American’s have equal rights; planes can fly from country to country; people are able to connect with each other from around the world, and people can dream and chase those dreams to the end of the earth.

I believe that everyone is born with a dream! They are also born with purpose. Sometimes they are one in the same, but then other times there are other plans that God has for your life. What you choose to do with that time is up to you. I want to do something so great that it changes the world, but for another person it might be making sure your family is taken care of, people in your neighborhood have food to eat, or even something as simple as being nice to the people you meet. We all have our niche and it is up to us to find it. Never let anyone tell you what you are supposed to do or what normal is. We all have our own normal! Your normal might be getting married, having a family, and retiring in sunny South Florida; by all means go for it and live your life on as safe as possible! Your normal may also be working every waking moment to make sure our coral reefs that still remain are protected, and coming up with ways to create new coral reefs.

The point I am trying to make is that no matter what you do, do not be scared to chase your dreams. Living life safely may get you a beautiful wife, child, and house with a picket fence, but it will never show how unique you are. Walt Disney, Martin Luther King, and Bill Gates took risks. There were many times where they failed, but they understood that the first step to success is failure.  We will always need those people in the world who are willing to sacrifice complacency and an average life to risk it all and help the world in some way! Those dreams are bigger than life. All of you have the opportunity to chase your dreams! I am Anthony Newton; Stay safe and stay woke my friends!

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