Miami Hurricanes: How can the Canes bounce back from that lost?

SPORTalk: Anthony Newton

In last night’s game between LSU and UM the Canes looked absolutely horrible in the first half and for most of the third quarter. They were outplayed in all phases of the game. Special teams gave the Tigers good field position on most drives, offense couldn’t get anything going after the first two drives, and the defense gave up 26 points to an LSU offense who were not very good. Brossette ran the ball up the middle into the teeth and heart of Miami’s defense. He ran for 125 yards and 2 touchdowns on 22 carries. LSU passing game was nonexistent. Their big plays kept them ahead.

Joe Burrow, the LSU quarterback completed less than half his passes going 11 for 24. There defense overwhelmed Miami’s offense with 2 interceptions and several sacks on Miami’s Rosier. Rosier threw almost double the yardage that Burrow did, but with 2 interceptions that changed the game dramatically.

Now what does Miami have to do in order to get back into contention?

The first thing they must do in order to contend for a championship is to find a clear cut leader on the offensive or defensive side. There are some talented upperclassmen on the team such as Quarterman, Pickney, Jackson, Johnson, and Richards.  Without these guys stepping up the Hurricanes will not be able to have what it takes to play those big teams such as LSU, Clemson, and FSU.

The Canes are predicated on the defense making plays. Last year they were number (#3) in the FBS in turnovers forced. Last night they nearly had one in the first quarter, but instead they ejected the Canes starting cornerback. The referees made a lot of questionable calls on Sunday night, but Miami can’t afford to put the game in the referees’ hands because it is no question how the rest of the country views the Miami Hurricanes.

In this lost last night the Canes had 0 turnovers, less than 100 rushing yards, and 2 turnovers. That is not going to win any ball games against the top tier teams. The Canes starting running back from last year, Travis Homer, and the Canes top wide receiver (so we thought) Ahmmon Richards did not have good games which could be for the fact that they were not given the opportunity to make plays. The linebacker core did not look like the ones that we saw last year.

Good News: It was the first game against a tough SEC opponent. Miami will learn from this mistake and they are still on pace to win the ACC Coastal once again. They will have a tougher test against some of their ACC Coastal counter parts, but I believe they are still the better team, but only time will tell! For the Hurricanes sake, hopefully a new quarterback may be in order. Richt needs to hand the play calling reign off to an offensive coordinator because he can’t coach a team and call the plays apparently. Losing the last 4 games they have played will give the Canes an awakening to make changes.

The Canes will have a long season back to the top 10 and even the playoffs, but they still hold the keys to their future.

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