Minkah Fitzpatrick: One Bright Spot for the Dolphins in 2018

SPORTalk: Anthony Newton

If you haven’t already seen where the Dolphins are ranked in Super Bowl odds, don’t worry, you may not want to see it if you’re a Miami Dolphins fan. They give the Dolphins 100-1 odds which is lower odds than the Browns who have won only 4 games since 2015. That is not a typo! The Dolphins won 6 games last year with the organization falling apart which also give the Dolphin fans a little more confidence in Adam Gase.

Today there is another reason for the Miami fans to be happy. That reason is their 1st round draft pick, defensive back, Minkah Fitzpatrick. Minkah can play anywhere on the defense and Miami has moved him around the defense, and he has played safety and corner! His closing speed on the ball is quick; he lowers his shoulder and can lay the boom; and he also is scrappy and fights to make all plays.

In college he had over 170 tackles, 9 interceptions, a couple forced fumbles, and 4 touchdowns. These are great stats, but none more important than knowing how to win at a high level. He is an All-American and he was a big part of those 2 national championships that Alabama won while he was there. A winning mentality and a drive to be the best has helped him to translate his skill set to the pro level without missing a beat!

After their last preseason game Pro Football Focus has graded Fitzpatrick as the best of any first round pick this year. He has been flying around this preseason. He has showed that he not only tracks the ball effectively, but he also showed he can hit people and make them drop the football which is a plus in this defense with a defensive front that will force the quarterbacks this year to release the ball before they want to.

Bold Prediction: Minkah Fitzpatrick will have 3 interceptions in his rookie season, as well as 8 passes deflected, and 50 tackles.

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