Miami Dolphins: Overcoming Injuries

Sportalk: Anthony Newton

In the NFL there is no shortage of toughness and speed on the field. When these guys are flying around on the field it is hard to stop a lot of injuries from occurring. These are some of the strongest and fastest athletes on the planet and when they collide it is a sight to behold. Miami has seen the potential of their team when everyone is healthy, but they have not been able to figure out how to fix the wholes some of these injuries have left. The Dolphins have had some very big injuries this year already.

Josh Sitton, their starting left guard went down early. Both their 1st and 2nd string centers have gone out. William Hayes, who could play defensive end and tackle, and was key to the Dolphins depth on that defensive line also went out with a season ending injury when he tried to avoid a roughing the passer penalty. Our star players have also been in and out for a couple of games or playing with injuries. These players include pro bowlers Rashad Jones and Cameron Wake. Our starting left tackle Laremy Tunsil was also out with a concussion last game.

In the second half of that Miami Dolphins vs. Cincinnati Bengals game they were playing with their 4th string center as well as 2nd stringers across the whole left side of that offensive line. On the offensive side of the ball there was a big injury to quarterback Ryan Tannehill late in that game. He has been ruled as day-to-day and is listed as questionable going into tomorrow’s game. If Tannehill cannot play the Dolphins will have Brock Osweiler start against Chicago. Osweiler hasn’t had a good year sense he took over for Peyton Manning in Denver so Miami needs to hope that Tannehill is able to go.

The Dolphins will have to take all of their offensive weapons and stretch the field. Everyone understands that the Dolphins have a lot of speed on their offense, but apparently Adam Gase has not figured out that Grant, Stills, Drake, and Wilson create mismatches for every team that they play; whether it be Drake on a linebacker or Grant in man coverage they should start to take advantage of those things.

Tannehill is not a pocket passer! Now that we have that out of the way, Gase may want to roll him away from Kahlil Mack. They have won the games where Tannehill runs the ball effectively and rolls out of the pocket. Ryan Tannehill has 97 rush yards in the first 3 games and none after that. During the last two losses they have had no designed runs for Tannehill.

In order to win this game tomorrow Miami will need to game plan against Kahlil Mack with their depleted offensive line. They must get Tannehill out of the pocket when throwing the ball. This will get him away from Mack and he can find some of his possession receivers such as Amendola and Stills. I believe the Tight Ends are going to be a big threat in this game if the offense can find a way to get them the ball. The biggest thing is stopping Kahlil Mack!

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