Star Crossed Jenny

Who is that in the blue jeans, I will make her my new queen

My jaw dropped as I gazed at her dark hair and her amazing curves

She was small in stature, but her body well preserved

I tried to look away, but I was already in trouble

If she was whiskey on ice, I would ask for a double

I walked up to her, just to ask for her name

I noticed a stroller beside her, and knew she wasn’t playing games

When I introduced myself her face was as red as an apple

She had the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen,

You can tell that her baby boy was to thank for that

I had known her before but that was before the miracle that grew inside her

I was willing to sacrifice everything in order to make this situation less of a blur

Reality hit when we started to compare our current situations

This started to seem less like a love story and more like a melodrama

We talked from morning until night

We engaged in conversation during the dark and during the light

Our conversations was like we were in high school again

We were little kids looking for love and happiness

There were hundreds of messages in the span of days

We knew that this could be a disaster but we continued to choose happiness anyway

There were no doubts that we would have to make some moral calls

I was already willing to risk it all

She had the future in her eyes and her baby on her mind

I was thinking about the both of them and making them mine

She had so much fear that she could not see my heart

Her son and his father was the only thing she could not depart

She was scared to think of the possibilities of her actions

She was living for the future and not today’s satisfaction

She wasn’t a fling or a replacement for me

She was the only one I could see

I have had a lot of darkness in my life

She was the bright light I had been looking for, Miss right!

Little man’s dad couldn’t compete and I knew it

This was less about me and more about miss perfect

Perfect smile, perfect son, and perfect mole that she wore better than anyone

I knew I could compete for her love, but I couldn’t compete with her son

We both were in agreement about fighting for love and sacrificing security

We were living for our happiness, fearing only impurity

I said she was the most beautiful girl in the world and I meant it

I was willing to give up everything just to have her love, but she didn’t

She could not take the pressure of changing her son’s life

She could not take the pressure of being shady to a wife

It was the hardest thing that she would have to do

Tell a man that she really liked that they were through

Even though it was over before it began

I still love her, her son, and one day hope to try this again

Until the next time that I see your pretty face!

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