The Pressure of Darkness

Sleep is the only time I see sunshine

The darkness tirelessly consumes my mind

What I feel is broken

Numbness consuming my heart

I cannot see anything and I am always confused

No determination, like no one lit a fuse

I try and I try to keep a smile on

Instead it seems I am more twisted than nylon

Twisted may be a little bit of an exaggeration

But I can’t water this down because of this sensitive generation

We are all a little bit messed up due to the stress of life

Work hard to make sure that Pickett fence is white

There is so much on my plate, pressure to succeed

I am working harder and harder to fulfill these needs

But wait these are not my needs, they’re everyone else’s

Is it possible to get rid of this type of pressure?

They said I had to do this, I didn’t think I had a choice

Was this all tricks? Was this a ploy?

They told me that knowledge was power, not a double edged sword

I thought being smart made me better, not a noosed cord

In the process of becoming successful, they didn’t think I would lose my mind

I look around and it is pitch black, nothing is fine

They told me that intelligence was cool, not a weapon

But in this unconscious society it is a tool that you use at your discretion

I am beginning to see in the dark

My eyes are adjusting as I embark

I use to think this darkness was frightening

Now it has taken over and I can feel its power

I don’t feel much these days, my heart is very cold

There are no spades in my hand, but I’m not ready to fold

The darker it gets, the better I see

No longer pleasing others, but pleasing me

I am so broken and I get that

But I love this break I’m getting, call it a Kit-Kat

I can feel nothing! Wrong or right!

For the first time in this darkness, I don’t need a light!

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