Climbing out of the darkness

Powering up like I’m Optimus Prime

Feeling me again and nobody can stop my shine

Out of the darkness and into the light I climb

Shaking the demons off, it’s like they’re working over time

Monsters aren’t real; I can show you-you’re wrong

There are millions of people in the world, living this sad-sad song

These monsters aren’t the boogeyman and or Michael Meyers

These monsters are in your brain, it’s like you’re trapped in a fire

It would be great if you could just run from this problem

The reason you can’t is because your brain won’t allow it

It is like you are fighting your own emotions

Your body reacts like waves crashing in the oceans

It is beautiful when your thoughts give you peace and serenity

But what happens when your thoughts become your worst enemy?

You can turn your back on other people and what they have to say

What happens when your body is fighting against your brain?

I accept the challenge to get even stronger

You too must act, you can’t wait any longer

The deeper you fall, the harder the climb

Even when you feel like you have nothing, there is still time

You think that your life is over, but it is just now beginning

You are beautiful and perfect; let’s make this a happy ending

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