Forgotten Beach

Remember the days when kids could go out to play

We could play in the backyard and in the park all day

Where I’m from we had the sand and the sun

We would grab our skim and surf boards and go have some fun

I remember going miles down the beach just to get away

We had the beach to ourselves, there was nothing more to say

A lot more to do though, we would surf, skim, and snorkel

Sometimes getting stung by jellyfish some would have to leave the water.

Let me pee on it was the funniest thing we would say

Chris, Daniel, Angel, and Alex knew it would sting all day

The lifeguard would tell us show him the affected area

He would spray vinegar or something so there wasn’t mass hysteria

We were in the water when it was 100 degrees and when it was 40

We rode our long boards jamming to Buckcherry

I went by the other day and felt a little sad

There was barely any sand, it was pretty bad

The thing I loved most about my childhood was washed away

Looked more like a lagoon than the place we use to play

Lantana is a small town with little reach

Now the only thing we do have is a forgotten beach!

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