In my shoes

Sitting on your moral high horse, you like to judge

Have you been in that situation, drug your feet through the mud

It’s more of a subconscious anomaly

But if you don’t catch it then it becomes hostility

You sit at home on your comfy couch

They have no home; they have no food in their mouth

There are other options and they probably know that,

But they have been at the bottom so long all they know is get a gat

Resorting to trouble and violence because they think they have nothing

They have seen it from their dad, uncle, and auntie

They must find away to break the curse

The curse that has played generations and now it’s getting worse

They are on the corners, they are on the street

The kids see them with a lot of cash but there’re still dead beats

Understand that they had a small chance to be successful

Understand they have spent their whole lives fretful

The inability to stay still because they don’t want to live that way

No food, no roof, they can’t even enjoy a birthday.

They never had a chance to be a kid

No sports, no video games, not even any best friends

Instead they would collect cans and mow lawns

Trying to feed themselves and their moms

Never should you judge especially when you haven’t been there

Remember when you cast that first stone, beware!

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