I’m running out of breath and I can feel my heart racing

Beating fast, my chest is stretching the skin on its surface

My blood rushes through my veins pressed against my capillary bed

The blood feels as though it is only being carried from the heart

My mind is spinning, I am dazed and confused

I see all of my peers and I am amused

I try to be like them, I want all the amazing trips

I want them to see all the fun I have too

I will hide my pain and struggle because they will see me different

I want them to see me driving fast cars, and wearing nice clothes

They need to see my hair done and my booty shorts

I don’t know if intelligent conversation can hold a boys attention

He’s in his phone looking at girls who are prettier than I am

I’ll wear booty shorts and a half shirt, he has to care

I just want validation, my body seems to be the trick

I’m not a prostitute I just want them to care about me

I know it works, I swear, I’ve seen it on tv

If we can just disconnect from this world that we live in

We will care less and actually start living

Phone calls, text message, social media, emails

People trying to reach me, you can all go to hell

Maybe a little over dramatic, but how can I live like this

I just want to live, now there’s a billion things on my bucket list

I don’t even care; I just want to do it because they did it

Now I’m sitting here depressed and anxious

I created this when I compare my life to others

We all have a race to run but it’s against ourselves

You’re in the race of life, the worst thing you can do is compare

That is all we do because we see others social media life

Most likely they’re drowning in debt from that vacation they took

But it’s all fine in today’s society because they put it on facebook

Look at me and my happy family, we’re having the time of our lives

Sike! We did it for the snap now we go back to feeling dead inside!

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