Nobody is average

I’m here to break records; you can call me Tom Brady

LeBron on the court, Hugh Hefner with the ladies

Armstrong on a bike and slim shady on the mic

Steph Curry on the dribble and the step back is nice

We will never be like these guys because we all have different gifts

Some of us may say the same things, but a couple have lisp

It is easy to say that you were meant to be average

But we all know that’s bogus, if you want it, you can have it

We all have talents just waiting to shine

Helen Keller earned a degree and she was deaf and blind

Many want to say they are average because there are no accolades or trophies

You define your own success, just never get cozy

You fight to be the best in whatever you do

Whether it is flipping burgers or shooting hoops

We all have talents and we all have dreams

You are not average; you just have to find the right team!

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