Parents’, It All Starts With You!

In this new age of life it is more prevalent that we begin to do something about the bullying going on in life! This is happening in schools, in public places, and also extends to behind closed doors; even at the highest professions. We have these anti bullying days and these places dedicated to stopping bullying in the world, but how many of your children actually understand bullying and what it is! I worked in the public school sector for the last 5+ years and I can tell you they do not understand! They continually shove bullying in the face of the students, but we forget that they are only children and they cannot grasp the concept of what all bullying entails. Some of these students just don’t understand! Working in the schools for a good amount of time will give you a better idea of everything schools do to combat social issues, but also everything that parents do in order to make sure that their children are set up for success in the social society aspect.

If parents are not instilling this information in their students this bully phenomenon that has plagued society through the years will continue to terrorize both children and adults. One of the most common phrases I heard when stopping a kid from bullying another was, “It was only one time, that’s not bullying”. That is wrong! Some of you adults may not know this either because you were probably raised in this same system with a less sensitive view towards bullying. The definition of bullying is seeking to harm, coerce, or intimidate another. It has nothing to do with how many times you do it!

How many parents actually talk about this issue with their kids? I understand parents are busy with all the day-to-day stress of being husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, and also working 40+ hours a week, but this will not change if it doesn’t start at home first! Explain to your children why it is wrong! Some of the reasons are:

  1. Some people commit suicide due to bullying
  2. It can destroy a persons self esteem
  3. It makes people dislike you
  4. You could get arrested
  5. The victim may want to seek revenge

I left the most important thing off this list because I believe that it deserves a lot more attention than it gets. That thing is helping your children understand that some children have it really bad when they go home at night. Some of these individuals love going to school in order to get away from their home life! When they are in school they get to eat, they get to play with friends, and enjoy being in a place where they don’t feel the pain that they do when they’re in their homes. Ask your children if they can imagine being in a homeless shelter crying themselves to sleep, only to go into a place where they feel safe and get bullied for no reason at all! We don’t have to keep these traditional values. Eat or be eaten does not have to apply in all aspects of life.

Nobody wants to be treated poorly. We all want similar things. We want people to be kind to us and we want individuals to be understanding of all of our situations! There is no reason to make a person feel less than or if they are not good enough.

This is an enormous problem and it needs to stop!


Anthony Newton


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