The Strength In Starting Behind

Imagine all the stories you heard about, and some of the stories you witnessed, where people overcame adversity to become successful. Those individuals became strength for the next generations. These are the kids that grew up in broken homes; the kids that grew up in no homes; the kids who were abused; the kids who didn’t know where their next meal was coming from; and the kids who were told they were too short, too slow, too fat to do something. These individuals usually have the most to prove and the hardest road to get to where they want to be. They have a need to prove they are not a product of their environment, they are who they choose to be! They want to embrace the adversity.

Imagine everyone standing at the starting line of a race. I begin to name things that may give people an edge in life. “Take 2 steps forward if you have both of your parents. Take another 2 steps if you never had to worry about where your next meal was coming from. Take 2 steps if your parents went to college. Take another 2 steps if you’ve never had the lights turned off in your house. Now turn around and look at everyone whether it’s classmates, coworkers, friends, etc.” You look around and you see people that are still standing on the starting line. None of you are responsible for any of this, but this is the reality.

This is heartbreaking, but guess what? I’m here to tell you that starting from behind is not always bad. It’s very tragic and it is unfair that any person should have to endure any of these things, but the maturation and the chip on your shoulder that you carry can’t be taught. People develop a chip on their shoulder when someone tells them they’re not good enough and when they feel they aren’t good enough. Why did God take my parents away from me? Because he knew that you had the strength to endure and overcome. Why was I abused? You needed to endure so that you can help others in that same position so that they can find the strength and courage to fight!

Tom Brady was drafted at number 199 in the 2000 NFL draft and now he is the best QB to ever play the game! Shaquem Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome that led to his left hand being amputated. He worked his a** off and became the first player to be drafted with one hand. Even people who we perceive as regular are super heros in their own rights. How about the man who grew up in the foster system his whole life and had a son of his own; he is there for his son everyday to make sure his son is not put in the same situation that he was put in growing up. Sometimes there is strength in starting behind!

Anthony Newton

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