Man Will Fail You Every Time

Have you ever let someone down? Of course you have, that is human nature. We are selfish beings by nature. Remember the “sharing is caring” slogan? That was because you said everything was yours as a child! We crave the attention. And as we get older, we understand, and some of us change our ways! In the end, we all make mistakes! Most of us will make many mistakes, and sometimes over and over again.  The point I am trying to make is if you are putting your faith in mankind, hope for the best, but do not get angry or discouraged when a person falters. That is a part of life!

As Many know, I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ is my Lord and savior. I deal with criticism from most. Anyone that isn’t Christian anyway. They say things like Christianity is a plague or I don’t understand why they try to shove the bible down your throat! Never will I get in a conversation or tell someone to believe because most likely they are upset with something that someone in the Christian church said or did, and they have the right to feel whichever way they’d like.

The people against Christianity will bring up priest’s molesting boys (Christianity doesn’t have priest’s), Pastors taking money, and Christians telling everyone they are going to hell for everything they do! I get why faith is stained, but if only people can understand that following people will never be a solution to anything. We all mess up. We put people at such high esteem we feel as though they do not make mistakes! It is what I call the “president effect”. The “president effect” is a term I use to describe individuals held to a different standard. We look at police, CEO’s, athletes, and celebrities as though they can do no wrong because people look up to them!

Parents, this can be compared to the way your children looks at you! As parents, you know you mess up more than anyone, but your child believes you are every super hero they see on television. They are people! We are people! When people tell me that stuff about why they believe Christianity is a virus, I tell them that they have no basis for that statement. In my eyes Christianity is not a religion, but a belief. There is nothing to practice. We believe that Jesus gave his life for us and we have faith that we will have everlasting life in heaven! That’s it! We have faith in a higher power and that higher power is not man! I will bet my last dollar that mankind will continue to make mistakes until this world is no more! To condemn entire cultures and religions based on the behavior of man is malarkey.  The Bible teaches love and forgiveness and men twist it and contort it whichever way they see fit.

In order to make a point I used Christianity because as a Christian I have heard every negative thing to describe faith in Jesus. To me the Bible is too complex and God’s ways and thoughts will always be higher than ours; however, It teaches you to love your neighbor and forgive those that wrong you throughout the entire books. The words protect you from worldly lusts and ask you to remain humble. God never says follow the pastor, or the priest, or the pope, or whatever person you see on television or at your neighborhood church! God says talk and walk with me! I’m hoping you got something out of this. Never stop believing in something because a person like you and I did something wrong. Always love everyone and forgive those who have wronged you! Stay woke my friends!

Anthony Newton

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