Training Your Brain: In a World Full of Technology

Imagine a world where 90 percent of the things that you think about today are the same thoughts you will have tomorrow. You would say “no way”, right? Well i’m telling you that it is the world that you and I both live in. How can this be? It is because we use our unconscious mind most of the time. How often do you go through the motions day-by-day. Many of our brains do this because whether we like it or not, There is a lot of research that says that our unconscious mind governs our behaviors as the Freudian view suggests. What does this have to do with you? A lot if you don’t want to be a slave to yourself. When you do things without thinking about them, you are practically a slave to yourself because this is done without awareness or control.

When you wake up and look at your phone, that is your brain asking for that daily dose of dopamine. You want to see those likes on your social media page. You want to feel like you matter, and when people like your post on social media it gives you those affirmations that suggest that those people care about you. Whether it’s true or not is not the topic we want to focus on; however, we do want to figure out how we can change our brain so that these unconscious doesn’t run our lives.

The funny thing is so many people want to be in control all the time, but yet they are slaves to things they can actually control. The reason we don’t think about these things is because the instant gratification that we get from checking our phones the minute we wake up and the minute we go to sleep, or when friends are talking about other friends and you join in. Those aren’t the things we want to do. If you want to control anything, it should be your own thoughts.

Train your brain to put that phone down when you pick it up in the morning. There are healthier ways to get that dopamine that your body craves.  How about listening to music to open of those brain synapses. You can also workout to get that blood flow going; and we all know, the healthier you look, the happier you are. In this world filled with technology we have to be more aware of how we use our technology so that our we can use our conscious mind to solve problems and come up with creative solutions. Technology will continue to evolve and that is okay, but we cannot let our brains degenerate because technology makes things easier. Let’s change the person in control of our brain. Lets change me. Let’s change you. LET’S CHANGE THE WORLD!

Anthony Newton

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