Pick Your S*** Sandwhich

If the title caught your attention, great! Many of you may be thinking what does that even mean? Before we get to that I want you to think about your life. Think about the past, the future, and the present. You have fallen on hard times and you have no clue how you are still standing. Then their are times where life has been great; you are on a beach with a bunch of friends, drinks in hand, and having an amazing time. We cannot choose the good and the bad times; we can only choose how we respond to the situations.

With that being said, we have a choice to pick what kind of s*** sandwich we want to eat in life! This means there are going to be a lot of things in your life that don’t go how you plan it, but which sandwich is going to get you where you’re going? They are both messy and they both taste like crap; so you have a decision to make.

This is not to say life is going to be all bad; however, you have to understand the different situations you put yourself in. When someone sets out on a journey to get rich, he or she has made money their number one priority. Family, friends, spouse, and kids come second to money. You will tell yourself you are doing it so that your family has a better life, but you know in your heart that you can always get more money, but times with your loved ones is one thing you cannot get back. Your child’s first words, your child’s first steps, Christmas with family and friends, etc.

Some people are fine with this way of life because they are living out their dreams. There are no wrong or right ways to live your, but you have to make sure the s*** sandwich you choose doesn’t leave you at the end of your life with regret. When the average person is asked what they regret in life, it isn’t money; it is usually the regret of not spending enough time with their family.  Would you rather have all the time with your family and no money?

This is the true meaning of a s*** sandwich. You have different directions to choose from. They both have benefits that are good and not so good. You have to choose the one that sucks the least in your eyes! If you can live with yourself, choose that one; otherwise you will be full of regret like most people. No matter what, just decide to do something before life passes you by!

~Anthony Newton


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