It’s 2019, Not the 1900’s. What’s your Version of Equality?

In 2019 we have come so far from horses and buggies, segregated bathrooms, and rotary telephones. All the technology and innovation today makes life much easier and there is so much to learn, and even more to do. There are still problems that technology can’t fix, Yet. I believe in a greater and brighter future. We see how easy technology is making things and we want it to make more things easy. Some of the phenomenal things technology is doing is finding newer ways to fight diseases like cancer, making it easier for people to connect, and even looking at ways to bring our coral reefs back. There are negatives such as depression due to social media, cyber predators, and cyber fraud. All of these things aside, one thing technology can’t fix are people.

There is the #metoo movement, Black Lives Matter, Blue Lives Matter, and LGBT movement. I believe if you don’t stand for something, that you will fall for anything, but in these movements, what are they really standing for? They are standing for sexual assault against women, oppression against blacks, fighting for our public service, and fighting to have the same rights as heterosexuals.

What do all these movements have in common? They are all “group centered”. Pastor Craig Groeschel said, we are living in a “selfie-centered” society. Everything we do is about ME! Look where I was; look what I did; look at what I have. We are so focused on ourselves that we don’t even take a second to try to understand others views or stance on different subject areas. It is great that we had movements in the past that shaped where we are today! Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi, Harry Hay, Abraham Lincoln, and many more created today’s society.

In today’s society there are still people who are mad at other people because their skin pigmentation is darker, because someone likes the same sex, or because someone believes differently than they do. That will never change until everyone is mixed-raced and come from all different backgrounds. These are such ignorant perspectives and the reason that people continue to form these Opposition groups.

With that being said, we are living in a world with so many opportunities to be whoever we want, and do whatever we want. So many people are simply tired of being blamed because the rights we share now weren’t shared some years ago. Most people today start on even playing fields in today’s society. If you’re poor and you start from the bottom, that is not racial. There are many successful people who started from the bottom, just like you.

Just because I am white, it doesn’t mean I hate black people; just because I am black, it doesn’t mean I hate cops; and just because I’m heterosexual, it does not mean I hate homosexuals. At one point in time, everyone wanted equality, but now this perspective has seemed to shift.

We really have to start taking a look in the mirror because it seems like everyone wants a handout and not equality. Because the people that came before you didn’t have the opportunity to do certain things, doesn’t mean you don’t. Instead of fighting about rights that weren’t afforded to your ancestors, fight about something that will make a difference. Imagine if everyone fought just as hard for world hunger, coral reefs, and pipelines; there would be a lot of solved problems instead of new ones created.

Go out and make a difference in things that matter! Stay woke my friends!

~Anthony Newton

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