Conspiracy? What to Trust.


I was looking at YouTube video, and there was a guy who jumped out of a pool and onto a flat surface above the pool. This gentlemens entire lower body was submerged underwater and he jumped what I assume to be atleast 5 feet to the concrete above him. He did this jumping backwards as well which blows my mind even more. It looks like another conspiracy to me, but you can see for yourself.

Absolutely stunning if it is true, but how can you trust that they didn’t mess with the footage? The moon landing that they faked like 6 times also fooled people so don’t rack your brain too much. How about, who really killed JFK? We still think Oswald did? What exactly are they doing over there in Area 51?

As you can see there is enough conspiracy theories to go around. We are at the point where I believe we have to challenge everything we see and hear because in all situations there is something going on behind the scenes. Are they making these things global news so we can pay attention to it?It’s like hey everybody look at this; meanwhile, something else is happening somewhere else. We miss out on most events because we are busy stuffing our face with junk food and watching television. We don’t pay attention to anything the media and government are feeding us.

The things we let slip by us are crazy! We’re almost like those “Flat Earthers”; just nutty! I’m just kidding, believe what you want. How about Dinosaurs; did they ever exist? This one will drive people nuts. Of course they existed, these paleontologist that we don’t know have no other angles! We construct these giant creatures out of bones that we found when we were digging. Isn’t it possible that these are just creatures that evolved into creatures we see today? Nobody was around, and we just make up these stories. Sounds like Jurassic Park to me.

When ever conspiracy theorist break down these cases, some have little evidence and some have substantial evidence. These diseases that come and go are a coincidence or is something going on. HIV, Ebola, And these other man made population control viruses just appear out of nowhere and we just assume it’s just a thing that happens. They have disease in Africa so that was it. Got it! A lot of people are full of shit and that’s why you should question everything.

Some people take this to another level. Those anti-vaccination people and those Flat Earth groups are a little bit insane, but the point is to question things. Most people are working different angles so be safe, never know when the illuminati is involved. I didn’t mean it…. Until next time, stay woke my friends!

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