The problem with being Dogmatic!

Do you ever find yourself in a conversation with someone who thinks they are so much smarter than you? That guy is me (he said with heavy sarcasm). I know I am a very intelligent individual; however, it’s not because I have a degree or I read a lot. No; It’s because I take all the information that I learn and look at it from every perspective. The best part about having a minor in journalism is looking at everything from a different perspective. William Osler once said, “Dogmatism can only exist in the presence of ignorance”. This means that in order to become less ignorant you must look at the world like a research paper.

Dogmatism means to state something as incontrovertible truth. Most of us find ourselves in conversations with people who think like this. “Hey bro, try the Ketogenic-diet, it’s the best diet”. “Omg! Meat is the worse and can you believe we are the only ones that drinks another animals milk”. You hear this and you just want to say, “did you know we’re also the only f****** people that drive!

The reason dogmatism exist is because it is our innate nature to want to be in control and want to be right. Some of us feel like we have to have a definite answer to everything in life. Not many of us want to search for the answers. We see someone on television saying cholesterol is bad and we just take it as truth. High Cholesterol is often present at the sight of heart attacks and so we blame it for the heart attack; when in fact it was trying to repair the damage. There are constantly doctors that are doing new research, but we choose to ignore them and follow the direction of a study that was done in the 1960’s.

If you hold something as absolute truth, you are ignorant. There are infinite possibilities in the universe. When we think we have the answer to something, new information comes to light and that former truth is now being refuted. At one point we thought the Earth was flat and now there has been evidence showing that the Earth is round.

Always look at information as always changing. In this world things are ever-changing and we should look at it as such. Don’t tell me that something is 100% truth. Fine, 2+2=4 and the sky is blue; maybe! All jokes aside, this is a problem in America today. We can’t agree to disagree, and we all have to be on one side or the other. The only thing we are doing is dividing this nation even more. Republican, democrat, white, black, vegan, carnivore, etc. Continue to question everything, and don’t just question it, but get out there and find the answers. “Be the change you want to see in the world”, and stay woke my friends!


Anthony Newton

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