Work Your Space: How to Grow Your Energy Where You Are!

We spend our whole lives preparing for the future. We have to sort of think of the future in order to achieve our dreams, right? There is some truth to that, but how do we achieve our goals? Do we just achieve our goals by doing one big thing? The answer to that question is no! We achieve our dreams by doing all the small things right!

When you want to be healthy and fit, one salad is not going to get you a six-pack. So when you want to achieve your dreams, one idea doesn’t get you where you want to go. When we do all the little things right, that is where we achieve our goals. If you want a six-pack you need to eat healthy everyday and make sure you are exercising regularly. If you want to have a successful career you need to do everything in front of you to get to where you’re going. That may be doing an essay for a college course, attending a seminar, communicating with your spouse, spending time with your daughter, etc.

The song by Blink 182 was on to something. All the small things! Some of you are too young, but hopefully you understand it. Everyone wants everything right now, but they don’t water their space. How can you hope to become a doctor if you don’t pass your courses, stay up late nights studying, go to residency, and do all these things in front of you to get there. Being in the trenches is hard. We don’t have a clue about what tomorrow is going to bring!

This is why we work our space. When you are focused on what is in front of you, your energy is on that. Imagine if you could focus all of your energy on what is happening in the presence. You would learn better, be a better person, be a better husband, wife, sibling, son, daughter, be a better athlete, student, etc.

1. Work your space by doing Something toward you goal right now!

2. Be persistent. Never get discouraged and when you do still work your space because success is right around the corner.

3. Failure is a chance to get better.

4. Most importantly… Be Present. One foot after the other!

This is something that you have to practice daily! Focus your energy on right now! Remember that the best way to predict the future is to create it!


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