Thank you Walt Disney!

The title is so straight forward, but it’s a thanks to the unreasonable man! Life is full of reasonable people! It is shocking that with so many of these “average joe” people, we are not still living in caves! Imagine if everyone just took the easy route! “I will go work at a job I hate or don’t hate for 50 years, and then I’ll retire If I make it that far. There is no new challenges, nothing transcendent being innovated, nor are people working to help their communities or environment!

Everyone in the world knows the brand Disney! This globally known company started with a guy drawing cartoons. He had this vision that nobody else saw! Many people left him along the way, and some stuck around because even though they didn’t know where he was going they really believed in him.

This isn’t about Disney World though; it is about a man who had a vision, and executed on that vision even when everyone had given up on him. The reason he succeeded is because he did not give up on himself. So many of us have these dreams and we give up because other unsuccessful people tell us it’s too hard! Whether they have good or bad intentions, nobody can see your vision. The best part about life is that we all have a dream and we all have a purpose.

Walt Disney built an empire based upon one statement, “if you can dream it, you can do it.” While most successful people do not use this exact saying because of their audience; most successful people have their version of this statement.

Walt Disney, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tom Bilyeu, Ed Mylett, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos all had a vision, but their visions were so ahead of everyone else’s that they were the only people that could have succeeded in what they set out to do. That is the beautiful thing about having a passion and a purpose. Even though there are billions of people in the world, there is a very small amount of people that execute on their dreams.

Most people think to themselves, “what if I fail?” The successful people don’t think, they just do! Most of them have the “why not me” mentality. Why can’t I build a company that connects the world globally? Why can’t I build a kingdom where people are allowed to dream and be whoever they want to be? Why can’t I give back to millions so that they know they’re not alone in their struggles? They do it, and they fail, and they keep doing it, and they fail again. In all of those failures they saw lessons. They could have just given up, but they believed in their dream so much that they had already made up in their mind that they couldn’t be stopped in accomplishing their goals.

We have to live like we’re the only one with our dream. Every day you’re not working on your dream to teach students, there is a student who feels that nobody cares about him. Everyday that goes by without you opening that fitness studio, there are people in your community dying of cardiovascular disease. Everyday that goes by without you helping at risk kids in your community, another gangbanger is made because he or she feels it’s the only way.

People are counting on you to live your dream. If these dreaming pioneers didn’t exist the world would be much different. No matter what your platform, you can make a difference! Go out there and be great!

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