Enjoy the Journey: Why Winning Is In the Journey and not the Result!

The New England Patriots are the Super Bowl champions for the 6th time! When Tom Brady was asked which ring was his favorite, he replied, “the next one”. Most people are very short sited; they do things because they live in lack! If I have that car, I will feel better; if I have that house, I will feel better; if I have more money, I will feel better! In reality, the people that live the most successful and fulfilling lives are focused on setting goals, achieving those goals, and then setting more goals!

“We’re almost there, I can feel it; now I can taste it; Omg, it’s finally here! Oh, now what?” These are the exact emotions that most people go through when they have reached their goal or “won”! They believed that winning was a goal, but in actuality winning was what they did every morning when they got up at 4am to hit 200 balls; winning was the hours that they put into watching film on their opponents; winning was going to work everyday, loving the grind, and working your butt off until you got that promotion!

Society will tell you what it’s version of winning is, but if you don’t focus on your version of success and winning, you will never win! What about the people that spend their entire lives chasing money and material things? Along the way they had children, they built a family, their kids are kind people, and they had food to eat and a roof over their heads everyday! Is that not winning?

If you are always looking for the biggest win, it may never come because you aren’t focused on winning by the second. Every time you decide to have a salad over a McDonald’s burger, you are getting healthier. That is a win. When you push business aside for a little to enjoy your spouse and kids, your relationship gets better. That is a win. When you choose to go to the gym instead of sitting on the couch, you are less likely to get depressed, you feel better, you sweat out toxins, and you love yourself more. THAT IS A WIN!

It is so easy for us to live in lack because everyone around you is so obsessed with “stuff”. I need the new IPhone. No you don’t. I need a better car. Do you understand there are people who walk everywhere and can’t afford a car? If you want these things, go get them. I am a true believer of, “if you want something, go get it”. If it makes you happy then do it. Just don’t complain if there are consequences for doing it! You caused it! The best thing I do in my life is take responsibility for everything that I do. If I buy something that can put me in a bad position financially, I accept that it is my fault and nobody else’s! I own it! So if you’re going to own it, do it!

Most people blame everyone for problems that they caused. Winning is what happens when you don’t make excuses and you focus on the small wins that lead to big wins! If you always feel like you’re  losing, you will look for something or someone to feel that void of lack. If you take the daily wins, you are no longer lacking, and that means that every time you get those big wins you will not see that as the end goal, but merely another stepping stone in the direction of the goals you have created.

You are winning everyday! Focus on the small wins and the big wins will come. Start being mindful of the day-to-day wins, and one last thing…. Stay woke my friends!

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