FIBO: Global Fitness Miami!

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The FIBO Global Fitness show set Miami on fire this past week! The Miami convention center was filled with fitness stars galore! The weather wasn’t the only thing that was hot in South Florida! Miami was on Fuego with fitness stars such as Kelsey Wells, Sweat Trainer and PWR Founder; Matt Fraser, “Fittest Man on Earth” and Cross Fit games champ; Billy Blanks, Creator of Tae Bo Nation; and many more. These fitness experts are turning the fitness game on its head.

Beach body showed up in fashion as they usually do, putting on an absolute clinic. If you don’t know who Beach Body is, there is a strong chance you have been living under a rock, or have never looked into the fitness industry. Does Insanity, Insanity Max 30, or P90x ring a bell? That’s beach body! They have been changing the fitness industry for years! Most of their workouts can get you shredded without picking up a single dumbbell.

Another interesting group was Refix USA. Refix is a group who makes a natural, hydrating and sustainable recovery drink that supports a healthy and sustainable way of life. I was able to speak with their marketing director Rene Nova and he informed me that Refix is made from all natural, high quality, Galician ingredients that contain all of the right elements required for the correct recovery of the human body. That’s not even the best part… They use the ocean water from the Atlantic. This was completely mind blowing! I was lucky enough to try Refix and I’m telling you right now, there is nothing that your body craves more than those electrolytes and coming from one of Earths purest source in Galician!

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You will all want to roll out your mat for this next company that I had the pleasure of speaking with and getting to know! Arianne Traverso, Director and owner of The Yoga Expo is helping people not only stretch their body, but their heart and soul, as Ari infuses her love for yoga and business to bring passion and excitement to the world! During our conversation, I could see her glow when talking about the impact she wants to have on the world. “Knowing we can serve as healers, givers, and game changers, is my legacy to you and the world”. This moved me so much, that I think the world should take part in what she is doing down in South Florida and beyond! She is just getting started! She has fun doing what she loves, but her business side is just as fierce. Her drive and innovation is one thing that puts her above most competitors!

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From an event that was dedicated to fitness and bodybuilding, to dominating the fitness industry in over 5 countries, FIBO has changed the way that people look at the fitness industry. FIBO USA is an industry summit, education program, and fitness festival all in one amazing experience! No matter how you fit into the fitness world, FIBO is here and is continuing to help individuals professionally and personally.

This Global fitness event is a must for anyone in the fitness industry, anyone that wants to crack into the fitness industry, or anyone that wants to have a good time exercising and seeing all the innovative ideas that people and companies are bringing to the fitness game! Be on the lookout for this life changing event. Get fit with FIBO USA! LETS GET FIT TOGETHER!!

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