How To Make Bullies and Dream Crushers Angry!

All of our lives we have to deal with bullies and dream crushers. Sometimes they harm you physically, but most of the time the abuse is strictly verbal. They want you to be less confident. The reason people bully other people are because they’re losers! They are insecure about a short coming that they have so they want to make others feel like they feel.

The dream crusher does this; the only difference is that most of the time the dream crusher is one of your parents, friends, or someone close to you. Because they didn’t have enough strength to fight through obstacles, they tell you not to even try because you will fail. Sometimes what they say comes from a place of love because they don’t want to see you fail, but sometimes they just don’t want to see you do better than they did.

Both of these type of people have a pessimistic attitude and don’t believe it can get better, or they don’t try to make it better because they are scared of taking risk. If you have a vision and dream to do something, you have to do it. We’re not smart enough to dream about something impossible; so if we have a dream, just know that it is possible.

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Bullies on the other hand, feed off the control of verbally or physically abusing others. They are very insecure and powerless in other parts of their life that they pounce when they have a chance to make someone else feel powerless. It gives them some type of a high. Every time a bully succeeds in making you mad or sad, he or she is being rewarded by giving them the attention they desire from intimidating and controlling others.

How can you make the dream crushers and bullies eat their words and actions? I wish I could tell you that there was something so complex and profound that I could say, but it really is super simple! Stop caring about what people think of you, and instead be your own person! If they are insecure of their short comings then that means you have something that they want. If you didn’t have something that they were jealous of, then bullying you, or crushing your dreams would mean anything to them. Once you stop caring about what people think of you, then you will be successful. The bullies and the dream crushers will get angry because you choose not to listen to them, but instead, you accomplish what they said you couldn’t accomplish.

You are awesome and you will be successful when you believe in yourself and stop believing in everything everyone else says about you. You are unique and nobody can tell you differently! Stay woke my friends!

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