How You Can Crush Your Next Interview!

Job interviews can be so stressful. If we really think about it, we should be stressed during a job interview, right? The reasons people get jobs:

  • You need money or you need more money
  • It is your dream job
  • You are looking to break into a different industry
  • You are getting a promotion

When these things are on the line, it is understandable why people get stressed. We want to get better. Some people may be lazy in doing so, but at some point we all want to make more money or work our way up the “corporate ladder”. We are absolutely terrified that we will say the wrong thing in the interview, but we are more terrified that we aren’t good enough. Remember when you were 7 years old and Betty Rodgers said that you sucked? Every time you go to an interview, you are thinking about that time that little Betty told you that you weren’t good enough.

This thinking wrecks your confidence! Your perception is what is holding you back. Instead of viewing this as an audition, like you’re trying to jump through hoops to impress an audience; view this as a chance to show them why you are the best candidate for the job. You are interviewing them! Many people fail to understand that just because they need a job doesn’t mean they can’t be selective in the process. People want a job, so they settle, and they don’t even think about whether the job is a good fit for them.

Make your next job interview stress free!

Before the interview, get into a high powered pose or workout if you have time!

This pose is one that raises your testosterone levels and makes you more willing to take risk. It also lowers cortisol which is a stress hormone.

Image result for high power pose

Change your perception/You are the Interviewer

The company needs you just as much as you need them. Make sure that they are the right fit and allow yourself to shine.

Be yourself

Many people are so nervous when they go in for a job interview that they forget to do  the only thing they really know, and that is they forget to be themselves. If you’re witty, be witty! If you’re serious, be serious! If you’re not yourself, you do yourself and the employer a big disfavor.

By doing these simple things, you can become a better interviewer. When interviewing for a job it is all about your perception level going in. If you don’t believe you are good enough, the employer will think the same thing. If you believe you are better than everyone, and you are arrogant about it, the company will see that as well. If you go in there and make it simple, you will do great! Stay woke my friends!!

Image result for be yourself

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