How To Find Your Passion and Purpose!

The question that every person ask at some point is, “how do I find my passion or my purpose”. Gary Vaynerchuck said it best when he said, “Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: What do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life? DO THAT. That is the super simple answer. So many of you are saying it’s not that easy. I assure you that nothing worth having is ever easy. If you have a fire burning in your belly, and it won’t go away then you might need to do something about it; and that something is usually not easy!

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People find themselves following someone else’s dream, and denying their own dream. Forget who you think you are, and forget who everyone wants you to be.  Your false sense of who you are is killing your dreams. Don’t trick yourself into thinking you are good at something that you aren’t. Many of us go through things in life that help define who we are. Most of our passions and purposes are born from the pain we experience. Pain is the greatest lesson that we learn.

When you have a purpose, pain is only an obstacle. Nothing can stop someones purpose. Your purpose is the reason you were born; it is why you wake up every morning. That purpose can be being a parent, helping at risk teens, or working as a custodian in an elementary school to make sure that kids have a clean table to eat on, and a clean chair to sit on.

How do I find my purpose? Many people have different experiences in how they find their purpose. Some have that burning desire to do something and they know that they cannot go to bed at night unless that dream is fulfilled. Other people’s purpose may have something to do with a pain they experienced. For instance, if you grew up in foster care, you may want to do something to help change the foster care system or the lives of the kids in foster care.

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The purpose is often fueled by the passion. Passion is the emotional side. Passion is the motivation and what makes us feel happy. Purpose is the why behind what we do. Everything we do involves helping others. Never feel bad for making a profit off of what you do because people are happy to pay for something that they believe helps them. When Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook, he had a dream to have everyone connected. He changed the way an entire world communicates. He set out to connect the world, and now he is one of the wealthiest people in the world.

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Find your purpose with Five simple steps:

  1. Find your Passion- What drives you? What is the voice in your heart always telling you?
  2. Find what excites you- What gives you that energy to want to get up and seize the day?
  3. Find out what you are willing to sacrifice for this purpose- Everything we do comes at a price so before you set out on this journey; you must know how far you are willing to go in order to make your dream a reality.
  4. Find out who you want to help. For some, it is playing a professional sport in order to support your family. For others, they fight for a cause in which has caused them pain; such as, being sexually abused or growing up without parents.
  5. Lastly, Find out how you are going to help those people- Are you building a safe-haven for at risk teens or starting a club for boys with no fathers.

It is not going to be easy for some of you. Some people are just hit in the face by their passion, but others have to experience life before they find what drives them! If you think about all of these things, and you implement them into your life, you will come to realize that you have been sitting on a goldmine your entire life. That goldmine is who you are! Stay woke my friends!


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