It’s Not That Simple! Why Rapping and Sports isn’t Your Only Way Out!

Most major cities are plagued by the same disease; violence from gangs and cliques! Once upon a time the government and the police controlled everything and in many poor communities sought safety in numbers. In America, Irish, Italian, and Polish Gangs flourished in the 1950’s. Most of the African American organized crime started in the 1920’s and 30’s, centered around Harlem, NY. On Gangland LA, a former gang member of the Bloods (an Los Angeles gang) said, They formed these gangs to protect themselves from police brutality; there was a strength in sticking together. This disease still populated our streets, but we are far removed from the 19th and 20th century.

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Just as a 9-5 job is an easy way out for some, so is gang-banging and selling drugs on the street corner. It’s not that easy is everyone’s answer when they are doing something they know they shouldn’t be, but they are too lazy and afraid to endure the tough times and make it through. I am not saying it is easy, but it is definitely worth it. Nobody wants to always be looking over their shoulder, not knowing when someone will come up and attack you, or worse!

Growing up on Martin Luther King street, I have been approached by several gang members about protection, community, and everything that comes with it. When you are a kid in a city where gun shots are an everyday occurrence, all you want is to feel safe. They take advantage of kids that get bullied in school as well because they are easy targets. Many gangs will leave children alone, but the ruthless ones will see it as an opportunity to manipulate a young mind in thinking that the way that they live is the only way. They don’t know any better!

We are coming into a new age of information. Anyone can do anything in this new age era of technology and the internet. Many people will still do the wrong things because they are lazy and want things fast and “right now!” Life is not a sprint; life is a marathon. Just because selling drugs illegally gets you money right now, it is not sustainable and you will eventually go to jail or end up in a body bag because you didn’t give your “customer” the proper weight. If you go work at a legit business or start your own legal business, you can make money and not have to worry about going to jail or ending up in the graveyard.

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Many people make it out of the “hood” or “ghetto” by rapping and playing sports; so if you’re great at it, go for it, but there are other jobs and careers if you are from a bad neighborhood and want out. Joining the military and fighting for our great nation is a way to put yourself in a better position. Study your tail off and get a full ride scholarship for academics, so you can pick what college you attend. Decide that you will move to another state, and get a fresh start. It will be hard, but getting a job at a local coffee shop and barely getting by may be a step back financially, but a step up in life!

I know every situation is more complicated than it appears, but I also know that we have a free will and are able to make whatever decision we want. The consequences of moving 10,000 miles away with no plan is better than the alternative; jail time or a hearse! This life is really simple because you eat s*** either way. What decision is going to make you happy? Once you figure that out, life becomes less complicated.  There are consequences, both good and bad, but you gotta be willing to roll with the punches and understand sacrifice is necessary in this life. You have to be willing to sacrifice what you are for what you want to become! Stay woke my friends!

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