Advertising vs Branding

“In order to get the beautiful women, you have to smell like a handsome man”. Angelina Jolie just adopted another kid and is donating $5 million to save the rain forest. In the last 5 years or so, many people have lost track of how sales, marketing, and branding/public relations coexist, but are not the same. If you are not a communication specialist you may not care either way. I assure you that they are different!

Advertising is needed for a company to succeed because it is how your audience gets to know your product or services. It is also how you are able to view your quantitative data. Is the advertising leading to sales. This is what is known as ROI (return on investment). As a company, if you are putting at least 10% of your annual revenue into advertising like most companies, then you expect the money earned to outweigh money spent!

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Branding is needed for a company to be successful in the long term. Branding is making sure the public loves your company or what your company stands for. For example, Apple has great branding. People bought their product once, and understood that the product was a great product. Now, if you are going to buy an iPhone or Mac-book, you don’t even have to think about it. They have created a brand where the product is excellent and their customer service is even better. Every day we can see that Apple is coming up with new innovations. You may say Apple is one of the biggest companies in the world, I can’t compare my company to that.

While you don’t have the Apple name, you can start to brand effectively. If people love your product and you have a great market, you are half way there. In this age of internet where you can get any information, and this age of Amazon where you can get anything, people are thriving, especially entrepreneurs. The fake entrepreneurs will fall out of this long term race because they don’t understand branding, they are strictly looking for revenue. Companies don’t just stay around because of money, they stay around because the public trust your company or you offer something that nobody else does.

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How can I brand effectively?

You can brand effectively by creating content. So while using Facebook advertising, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok are effective for putting advertisements, that’s not how you create a community who is going to support your company. When you create content, you connect with your audience and consumers. If you’re a personal trainer, get on Instagram video and talk about the 5 myths of fitness. If you own a BBQ restaurant, make a video about how to make ribs; you don’t have to give them your recipe, but you can give them some of your time. And you need to post 10-15 times a day if you can!

Post when you’re using the bathroom. Post a video or picture instead of scrolling your timeline to see how Brittany is doing. You don’t even like Brittany. If you are okay with average then you keep doing what you are doing, but if you want to create a company that’s going to thrive tomorrow, you have to build a brand that the public can trust and connect with.

While branding puts your company in a position to win long term, advertising is still important. In any business, if you’re not making money, you will not be open for long. Advertising and branding work in tandem with one another. Advertising is short term sales, while branding works on company image for long term success. Great product plus a great company image, equals a dynasty. Stay woke my friends!

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