Communicate: Why Relationships are More than hearing!

Ruth Messinger once said, “The difference between hearing and listening is paying attention”. Many people think that listening and hearing are one in the same, but they are much different. You cannot control what you hear, but you can control what you listen to. Communication is not just the act of speaking; it is much more than that. Communication is an understanding between two or more parties. Much like a text message; there is a sender and receiver.

The sender is the person that is forming statements in a way to help the sender understand what they are thinking. The receiver is the person that is receiving the message. The receiver had to breakdown the meaning of the information being received. We cannot forget about the noise though.

Related imageIt is not necessarily physical noise. While it can be physical noise, noise is anything that distracts from the receivers message. For instance, if a person is making an angry remark with a smile on their face, the noise in her statement takes longer to program. While this may be sarcasm, your brain still has to process out the noise.

This is not just in face-to-face conversation either. This can also happen in technological communication. It probably happens more during conversations via text, email, or Facebook. This is because it is hard to understand sarcasm when you cannot see the persons facial expressions or non verbal cues.

In relationships, couples have so many things to worry about! Finances, kids maybe, relational differences, cultural differences, and many other things. Tempers flare and now nobody is listening. You can hear the loud noises piercing your ear drum, but you cannot comprehend anything. When there are two senders, it is no longer communication. It is people talking with the intent to be heard. When two people in the same conversation are trying to be heard, nobody is listening. It is the equivalent of talking to a brick wall. And the brick wall can’t yell back.

Image result for listening in relationshipsRelationships requiring more listening than anything. We all just want to be heard. In your relationships this is more true. We deal with so much stress on the day-to-day we want our partner to listen. Most people are not heard at work, so after 8 hours of going unnoticed, they want you to notice them. They want you to listen not just hear. Be empathetic rather than just sympathetic. Your relationship needs you! Your partner needs you! It is your choice to listen! Stay woke my friends.

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