More Than Sports: David Goggins Fighting Mental Complacency

“You have to be willing to suffer to get to the other side”. David Goggins comes from a very humble beginning. Was born in Buffalo, New York, but in order to get away from his abusive father him and his mother moved to a small town known as Brazil, Indiana. In this town, the KKK was allowed in the parades so being African American was just another box he could check off on “the things that aren’t going my way” list. David says he was super soft as a kid and scared in this little Indiana town.

Goggins wanted to get out of this little town and knew he wanted to join the Air Force. He then went through a period in the Air Force doing jobs where he became comfortable, and gained over 125 pounds. A little later Goggins found himself working at a bug exterminator company at almost 300 pounds (297 to be exact). That was when he noticed that some changes had to be made. He then saw soldiers going through hell week on the Discovery channel. He thought to himself, “what if I could become a Navy Seal”. I know I’m 300 pounds, but what if? He quit his job at Ecolab and said this is not going to be it for me.How to Completely Change Your Life in 4 Steps — Movement Transforms

He went on to lose over 100 pounds in 3 months. He went on to face 3 hell-weeks. That’s when he started to understand that mental toughness is everything. He joined Seal Team 5 where he lost many friends in “operation red wings”. To help those families and many others he decided to raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation which was a foundation where the foundation pays for families of the brave men and women who serve in special ops to go to college on a full ride scholarship. In order to raise money he competed in a 100 mile try out in which he had never done. He had never done any marathon. He finished this race through impossible circumstances. After the race he was urinating blood; he had broken bones in his feet; and oh yeah, he pooped himself. That was the start of the toughest man alive!

David Goggins was a regular person just like any of us, but through hard work and relentless dedication to his mental and physical health, he is the tough man that we see today. At the end of the day this battle of life is all about mental toughness. It is about you versus you. We all have baggage that we carry, but it’s about putting it all on the table and saying this is not who I want to be anymore. We have to tell ourselves and imprint in our minds that we are not who the world tells us we’re going to be, but we’re the who we want to be.Navy SEAL David Goggins on "Fitting In" | SEALgrinderPT

There comes times in our life where we have to suffer. Whenever we suffer, we know that there is a breakthrough on the other side. We have to go through things in life in order to get stronger. Mental toughness doesn’t mean that nothing will affect you, it means that when you are affected, instead of quitting you persevere. David Goggins embodies the definition of mental toughness.

Go check out videos on Youtube and if you can give, the Special Operations Warrior Foundation is a good cause.

This was more than sports. Stay woke my friends.

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