Karma: Do You Mean Common Sense?

Many of you have heard that many things usually come full circle. This means that some of the things you do; good or bad will eventually come back to you. Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word karman which means “act”. At this time, the word carried no ethical meaning, it was simply a ritual or action. It was separate from religion because it was believed that Karma as a ritual functioned autonomously and according to a cosmic ritual law (Patrick Olivelle).

The very nature seems pretty simple to most people and is almost innate. “If you do good things, good things will happen to you. If you do bad things, bad things will happen to you”. Anyone can look at those statements and without knowing, understand that it is possible because of logic. There is actually no way of measuring this.Good and bad are the oppo... | Quotes & Writings by Manish Rohan ...

If we broke the terms “good” and “bad” down, we get many definitions definitions. Good; which means to be desired or approved of, and also means that which is morally right. Bad; which means of low standard, and or unpleasant or unwelcome. In this Karma cycle, who decides what is or isn’t good? If an environmentalist blows up a fashion industry warehouse to stop them from causing damage to the earth, are they good? What about the hundreds of workers that were working there, and may be out of a job and unable to feed their families.

How are you able to side what is good and what is bad? On a smaller scale, if you are kind to people that you meet, it is more than likely that when you ask people for favors they will have the inclination to help you because you have been good to them. Is that karma? Is anyone really good? The phrase “we all have skeletons” is very real. There is always going to be someone somewhere that thinks of you as being a bad person or thinks of you as doing bad things. Is Karma Real Or Fake? (4 Powerful Things To Know Today)

I don’t think you should do good because you believe in Karma, I think you do good because you care about people and you love people. If you believe that doing something good for someone else, only to have “karma” come back to help you out seems a little more selfish than not helping someone or being kind to them. People already have the intrinsic nature to want to help others and be kind to them. It is not something that we earn, but something that we are born with.

I hope you all dive a little deeper into your mind, body, and soul to search what it is that attracts you to doing good and helping others so that you will better understand your heart and beliefs. Stay woke my friends.

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