My Journey To a Healthy Life: Fighting to the Death for my Health!!

healthpicThis life has been amazing to me! Of course there has been ups and downs, but that is why I love life so much. One day you could be on top of the world. Football captain, prom king, and off to college on a scholarship to make your dreams come true. The next minute your life may be filled with anxiety, depression and the urge to eat a tub of ice cream before bed!

That tub of ice cream turns into dessert every night. And within 3-4 years you have packed on the life 150. You may notice that you have less energy, insomnia, or other health related issues. You begin searching for alternative ways to combat your suffering health. Opinion: Freedom to Make Poor Health Choices Is Not Free from ...

After that you realize it is a hard task to stay away from those sweets that you enjoy so much. You battle with yourself because the sugar has you hooked. You try a couple of diets, but one cookie kills all of your plans. The dopamine is too much for you. You cry yourself to sleep sometimes because you are angry and will you look in the mirror, it is not who you are.

You have to decide whether you want to give up and take pharmaceuticals for the rest of your life or if you want to take a stand and fight for your health. At this stage most people choose to go the other route and fill their medicine cabinet with the devils candy. They have decided to give up! They have decided it is too much. I had that option, but I’m choosing to fight! I am overweight and I am choosing to fight for my health!

For the last month, I have been exercising for about 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day and focused mainly on the keto diet and carnivore diet! I have began to understand that I don’t need a diet, I need a total change in the way I see food. I needed to change my mindset. For the first week I continued to keep my mind in a peak state which is one trick I learned from the great Tony Robbins. I keep my mind stimulated on everything bad about food in order to rewire my brain.

I then ween myself off of any food that is processed. I want to focus on whole foods. Processed foods tend to be very inflammatory and that is the leading cause of most chronic disease. This was when I started to see that it was doable and I felt so much differently because I wasn’t carrying around the bloat and water weight from the inflammation. I even felt different after my workouts.Anti-Inflammatory Diet Meal Plan - Intro / RESET | Anti ...

The next thing I do is come up with a workout routine that is beneficial to my overall health and is very low on the scale for potential injury. I now use beach body workouts in addition to home workouts which include sit-ups, v-ups, push ups, dips, etc. With that I had incorporated stretching/yoga which has helped tremendously. I don’t want you guys to think this was a quick process in developing this knowledge of what I should be doing.

I learned this stuff from years of researching even as I was shoving cookies down my face! I just began incorporating this stuff over the last month. The last thing on my agenda was coming up with a way to train my mind to accept setbacks or the times I give into temptation. I started meditating. Meditate on God, gratitude, or whatsoever you choose. The term meditation means to become familiar with oneself. You have to be able to control your mind.

That voice telling you that you are going to be like this forever is your unconscious mind. You have to take over and show your body that you are in the driver seat. You combat those feelings of insecurity by allowing your mind and body to become aligned. I am now ready mentally to take this challenge head on. I have a lot more to learn about my nutrition many other things, but I am up for the challenge.

I challenge you guys to join me on my journey to fight to the death for my health! Any information that you all can give me in addition to my learning and reading would be phenomenal. Together we can do this. Stay woke my friends!


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