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My name is Anthony Newton. I am a writer and I also have my podcast which you can listen to. Way2Woke was created to bring awareness to different issues such as humanitarian works, motivational stories, and different issues in sports. These articles and posts will contain different experiences that I have had throughout my life, along with interviews that include a wide range of individuals from numerous professions. These professions include current NFL athletes, former NFL athletes, Entrepreneurs, teachers, police officers, and more. Coming off of a long stint of anxiety and depression I hope to help people understand they are not alone, and mental illness is a real problem that affects more than 30 million adults in the United States.

The term Woke is a bit of a slang word which describes being aware of social injustice. This site is not a site where I will harp on social injustice. I believe that there are many muted groups in the United States, but I refuse to pick sides because I believe the reason that these social issues still exist is because everyone says they want equality, but in actuality they want to be more superior to the others. The intention of this blog to help viewers open their minds to the fact that there are different views to every story; being Woke is both a blessing and a curse. Being aware in an unaware society is very tiring! Therefore, I will ask you all to read at your own risk!

I thank you ahead of time and ask you all to like, comment, and follow my page.

Twitter: @kingnewton1077                  Facebook: Anthony King Newton

Podcast: Anchor.fm/anthonynewton


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