Man Will Fail You Every Time

Have you ever let someone down? Of course you have, that is human nature. We are selfish beings by nature. Remember the "sharing is caring" slogan? That was because you said everything was yours as a child! We crave the attention. And as we get older, we understand, and some of us change our ways!... Continue Reading →

The Strength In Starting Behind

Imagine all the stories you heard about, and some of the stories you witnessed, where people overcame adversity to become successful. Those individuals became strength for the next generations. These are the kids that grew up in broken homes; the kids that grew up in no homes; the kids who were abused; the kids who... Continue Reading →

Parents’, It All Starts With You!

In this new age of life it is more prevalent that we begin to do something about the bullying going on in life! This is happening in schools, in public places, and also extends to behind closed doors; even at the highest professions. We have these anti bullying days and these places dedicated to stopping bullying... Continue Reading →


I’m running out of breath and I can feel my heart racing Beating fast, my chest is stretching the skin on its surface My blood rushes through my veins pressed against my capillary bed The blood feels as though it is only being carried from the heart My mind is spinning, I am dazed and... Continue Reading →

Hold On

I can barely breathe Is the end really near Chest becoming very tight I feel like that time is here I don’t want to go tonight If I do let it be peaceful It is like I’m under water Gasping for any air that I can get My brain is scrambled Very confused, but still... Continue Reading →

Nobody is average

I’m here to break records; you can call me Tom Brady LeBron on the court, Hugh Hefner with the ladies Armstrong on a bike and slim shady on the mic Steph Curry on the dribble and the step back is nice We will never be like these guys because we all have different gifts Some... Continue Reading →

Women Like You Drown Oceans

This peace is absolutely amazing!!! Great job!!!

Life Unplugged

Roses are not always red
Violets aren’t exactly blue.
We live in a world where pretty means beautiful, it means lovable, it means smart and sometimes it means blessed. An average looking girl is like she’s punished by God. We’ve so many fairness cream I don’t know why fairness is eye-candy and black means you’ve a tough life.

Our society is so much concerned about beauty that when an acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal decided to live they suggested her to commit suicide because no one would marry her and she’s a curse on her family. She got no job because the employees were scared of her face. I pity them for they’re cursed with their own imagination.

We share those posts which says we should respect a girl and give her a chance to fly but still we can’t love someone who was raped. We don’t blame those rapist…

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