The things people aren’t telling you about there million dollar business!

“Do you want to make money sitting down in your chair doing nothing? Are you tired of 9-5 job? Well, no more! I have come up with a way where you can make $1 million in 2 weeks by doing these 3 things”. We have all seen this advertisement. People are so enticed because we... Continue Reading →


Thank you Walt Disney!

The title is so straight forward, but it’s a thanks to the unreasonable man! Life is full of reasonable people! It is shocking that with so many of these “average joe” people, we are not still living in caves! Imagine if everyone just took the easy route! “I will go work at a job I... Continue Reading →

Who’s in Your Ear?

In life we all struggle with trying to find who has our best interest at heart! We want to think that the people close to us are the ones that has our backs and will teach us what we need to know in order to pursue our own happiness. As adults, we know this is... Continue Reading →

The Strength In Starting Behind

Imagine all the stories you heard about, and some of the stories you witnessed, where people overcame adversity to become successful. Those individuals became strength for the next generations. These are the kids that grew up in broken homes; the kids that grew up in no homes; the kids who were abused; the kids who... Continue Reading →

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