I’m running out of breath and I can feel my heart racing Beating fast, my chest is stretching the skin on its surface My blood rushes through my veins pressed against my capillary bed The blood feels as though it is only being carried from the heart My mind is spinning, I am dazed and... Continue Reading →

Hold On

I can barely breathe Is the end really near Chest becoming very tight I feel like that time is here I don’t want to go tonight If I do let it be peaceful It is like I’m under water Gasping for any air that I can get My brain is scrambled Very confused, but still... Continue Reading →

Nobody is average

I’m here to break records; you can call me Tom Brady LeBron on the court, Hugh Hefner with the ladies Armstrong on a bike and slim shady on the mic Steph Curry on the dribble and the step back is nice We will never be like these guys because we all have different gifts Some... Continue Reading →

In my shoes

Sitting on your moral high horse, you like to judge Have you been in that situation, drug your feet through the mud It’s more of a subconscious anomaly But if you don’t catch it then it becomes hostility You sit at home on your comfy couch They have no home; they have no food in... Continue Reading →

Climbing out of the darkness

Powering up like I’m Optimus Prime Feeling me again and nobody can stop my shine Out of the darkness and into the light I climb Shaking the demons off, it’s like they’re working over time Monsters aren’t real; I can show you-you’re wrong There are millions of people in the world, living this sad-sad song... Continue Reading →

Forgotten Beach

Remember the days when kids could go out to play We could play in the backyard and in the park all day Where I’m from we had the sand and the sun We would grab our skim and surf boards and go have some fun I remember going miles down the beach just to get... Continue Reading →

The Pressure of Darkness

Sleep is the only time I see sunshine The darkness tirelessly consumes my mind What I feel is broken Numbness consuming my heart I cannot see anything and I am always confused No determination, like no one lit a fuse I try and I try to keep a smile on Instead it seems I am... Continue Reading →

Star Crossed Jenny

Who is that in the blue jeans, I will make her my new queen My jaw dropped as I gazed at her dark hair and her amazing curves She was small in stature, but her body well preserved I tried to look away, but I was already in trouble If she was whiskey on ice,... Continue Reading →

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