Why 2020 is the year that you follow Jesus!

There are so many coincidences or there are no coincidences; meaning that the things that we think were coincidences are actually purposeful. When you believe in Jesus Christ, there are no accidents. When you believe that God gave his life in the form of Jesus Christ so that we may be saved, you believe that... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Freedom

People all around the US are in their house fixing breakfast for their kids; they're driving to work at a job that they love (or hate) ; they are going for that morning run! While these may seem like very normal activities to most, there are many people who woke up on the other side... Continue Reading →

How to let go of yesterday!

Do you remember that time in the 3rd grade when you thought you were going to poop your pants and you had to rush to the bathroom? As soon as you sat down, you felt relief and anxiety at the same time! The relief was that you didn't poop your pants, but the anxiety cane... Continue Reading →

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