How Your Ego is Killing Your Learning and How to Stop It!

"I know how to do that already, give me something different". Many of us have said this at some point when we are bored with what we are learning. A bored state means that you are not learning anything. When you create a boring atmosphere there is a very good possibility you are not going... Continue Reading →


You’re Brainwashed Bro!

In America so many people blame religion for extremist in certain religions. There are so many crazy people in this world. This is something we all are aware of; why are we so easily persuaded that a group of individuals is at fault for the actions of one person. "Omg... The worst group of people... Continue Reading →

Man Will Fail You Every Time

Have you ever let someone down? Of course you have, that is human nature. We are selfish beings by nature. Remember the "sharing is caring" slogan? That was because you said everything was yours as a child! We crave the attention. And as we get older, we understand, and some of us change our ways!... Continue Reading →

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