The Pressure of Darkness

Sleep is the only time I see sunshine The darkness tirelessly consumes my mind What I feel is broken Numbness consuming my heart I cannot see anything and I am always confused No determination, like no one lit a fuse I try and I try to keep a smile on Instead it seems I am... Continue Reading →

Star Crossed Jenny

Who is that in the blue jeans, I will make her my new queen My jaw dropped as I gazed at her dark hair and her amazing curves She was small in stature, but her body well preserved I tried to look away, but I was already in trouble If she was whiskey on ice,... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Pain

Have you ever lost someone? This could be anyone; A girlfriend, a boyfriend, a wife, a husband, a mom, a dad. Have you ever tried your hardest to do something, and then come up short? You played your heart out in that football game, but that team was too much in the end. You worked... Continue Reading →

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