How To Make Bullies and Dream Crushers Angry!

All of our lives we have to deal with bullies and dream crushers. Sometimes they harm you physically, but most of the time the abuse is strictly verbal. They want you to be less confident. The reason people bully other people are because they’re losers! They are insecure about a short coming that they have... Continue Reading →

FIBO: Global Fitness Miami!

The FIBO Global Fitness show set Miami on fire this past week! The Miami convention center was filled with fitness stars galore! The weather wasn’t the only thing that was hot in South Florida! Miami was on Fuego with fitness stars such as Kelsey Wells, Sweat Trainer and PWR Founder; Matt Fraser, “Fittest Man on Earth” and... Continue Reading →

Thank you Walt Disney!

The title is so straight forward, but it’s a thanks to the unreasonable man! Life is full of reasonable people! It is shocking that with so many of these “average joe” people, we are not still living in caves! Imagine if everyone just took the easy route! “I will go work at a job I... Continue Reading →

100 MPH!!

Chances are, if you’ve ever been on a plane or in a car you’ve witnessed 100 mph. Some of us love the feeling of being behind the wheel and going 100 mph because you experience the rush and the thrill. Some of us are okay with the speed limit being 65. Many of us are... Continue Reading →

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