Communicate: Why Relationships are More than hearing!

Ruth Messinger once said, "The difference between hearing and listening is paying attention". Many people think that listening and hearing are one in the same, but they are much different. You cannot control what you hear, but you can control what you listen to. Communication is not just the act of speaking; it is much... Continue Reading →

Advertising vs Branding

"In order to get the beautiful women, you have to smell like a handsome man". Angelina Jolie just adopted another kid and is donating $5 million to save the rain forest. In the last 5 years or so, many people have lost track of how sales, marketing, and branding/public relations coexist, but are not the... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Freedom

People all around the US are in their house fixing breakfast for their kids; they're driving to work at a job that they love (or hate) ; they are going for that morning run! While these may seem like very normal activities to most, there are many people who woke up on the other side... Continue Reading →

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