Thank you for joining; you have made an awesome decision to come with me on this journey! My name is Anthony and I promise I am a normal person like you; I just decided I needed a change. I always say success lies somewhere between a Monk and a Millionaire. I have spent the last few years practicing mindfulness and being present, while being more busy than I have ever been. I have taught people to do the same!

My passion revolves around helping people, and I am here to help YOU! Just as my strategies as a writer are unorthodox, so are my strategies when helping people like yourself. I had the awesome experience of having a life coach who completely changed my life and I want to help you do the same.

I am starting my health and wellness journey and I want you to come along with me. We can root each other on! While I focus on clean eating, I want to help you all in achieving your goals financially, spiritually, emotionally, in relationships, in marriages, and most importantly in your own mind!

My first order of transparency is that anyone can send me an email at goldenperceptionglobal@gmail.com…. Help me help you!


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