Starting The Carnivore Diet: Fighting to the Death for my Health!

I have reached the point in my journey where I have achieved the results I wanted in my Insanity MAX30 workouts. I have began to lose a little weight in these last 2 months or so. I started at 397.8 and I am now down to 374.2. I have switched my diet to a whole... Continue Reading →

Karma: Do You Mean Common Sense?

Many of you have heard that many things usually come full circle. This means that some of the things you do; good or bad will eventually come back to you. Karma is derived from the Sanskrit word karman which means "act". At this time, the word carried no ethical meaning, it was simply a ritual... Continue Reading →

NFL Mock Draft(Draft Day)

1 Cincinnati 2-14.125--.553Won 1 Joe Burrow QB This is the most obvious pick in the draft unless Bengals decide to do Bengal things. They need an organizational shift. Although last season was rough, Cincy has been very competitive through the decade. They still have a lot of weapons, but now they get the most important... Continue Reading →

Hindsight is 20/20: NFL Draft Edition

The NFL draft is not just about getting the best football players so your team can be better, it is about changing lives for families who have been in a generational cycle, kids who have been homeless, and parents who sacrifice everything so that their child could succeed. The NFL Draft is the opportunity to... Continue Reading →

Worry Not! You Are Protected

It is said that the enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy. While this is true, nobody ever mentions distraction. If you are worried about a million other things, you are not worried about your own soul. How can you worry about something or someone else if your own soul is out of wack. This... Continue Reading →

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